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Commitment to Local Content

At Tamkeen Technologies, we are deeply committed to supporting the goals of our nation by working to achieve the goals Vision 2030. This strategic framework has been a source of inspiration for our own strategy and our strategic directions. 

As a Saudi government-owned technology company, we understand the importance of nurturing local talent and fostering a vibrant digital ecosystem within the Kingdom. This understanding is at the heart of our mission and is reflected in every aspect of our work. Our dedication to local content development is not just a business strategy; it’s a commitment to the future of our nation and has been a guiding force in all our endeavors, particularly in the development of our innovative product suite, Nawart.

Saudi Developers Built Nawart

Nawart, developed entirely in our technology center in Burayda, Saudi Arabia, is a prime example of our commitment in action. Designed to enhance the employee experience for organizations across the Kingdom, Nawart embodies our belief in the power of local talent and innovation. The development of Nawart within our own facilities and with our own citizens showcases our capabilities and our dedication to fostering a culture of technological advancement and innovation in our nation.

Enhancing Local Content Through Partnerships

Our approach extends beyond mere development and selling enterprise technology products and services. We actively seek out strategic partnerships and investment opportunities to help local public private sector organizations achieve their innovation and technology goals. This strategy aligns with Vision 2030’s focus on creating a collaborative environment where the public and private sectors work in synergy to achieve mutual growth and innovation. By investing in our nation and its commitment to the creation and growth of local content, we are not only contributing to the current digital landscape but also paving the way for generations of Saudi technologists who can build and even export innovative technology products and services.

Developing People As Part of Local Content

In summary, our commitment to local content and the development of Nawart is a direct reflection of our alignment with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. Our efforts in developing the Saudi staff that has the skills and determination to build such a compelling product suite illustrates our unwavering dedication to igniting the potential of Saudi youth, by stewarding them through the creation of innovative digital solutions. As Saudi Arabia progresses toward a diversified, knowledge-based economy, we at Tamkeen Technologies are proud to be at the forefront of this transformation, playing a pivotal role in the nation’s economic and technological progress.