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Simplified Employee Attendance & Mood Tracking

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Why Nawart Attendance?

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Employees and employers alike enjoy Nawart's simplified user experience and thoughtful features.

Employee Centric

With mood checks, themes, encouraging messages, and more, Nawart keeps the focus on employee engagement

Creates Engagement

Physically and mentally present employees improve performance and average profit by more than 4.2x

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Does Any Of This Sound Familiar​ ?

We built Nawart Attendance because we were frustrated with alternative solutions.  They were difficult to manage, didn’t integrate with our ERP, and gave inaccurate attendance reports.  


We built Nawart Attendance during the pandemic to simplify safe attendance tracking for large and small organizations.  We even offered it to free to organizations, as a service to the country.  However, after the pandemic, our employees liked it so much, that we decided to make it part of our product line, so the organizations that used it during the pandemic, could continue to do so. 


We’ve had this request a few times so we’ve added it to the roadmap.  While you can’t add your own themes right now, our teams are hard at work to make this available to you soon.  

We’ve all heard the statement, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Ensuring your staff is happy, motivated to deliver, and in the right frame of mind is key to work productivity.

Nawart Attendance makes it easy to understand the mood of your employees and offers messages to keep them motivated, so attendance is a necessary afterthought and engaged and highly motivated employees is the goal.

We’re sorry to hear that and we know this can be painful.  However, with Nawart Attendance, you can specify any number of remote locations that staff can check in and out from, assign specific staff to a certain location, and much more. Nawart Attendance makes multi-location and team attendance management a breeze.

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